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With all the social network sites available on the Internet, it is so refreshing to see one that is dedicated too something so powerful that it can change the world and the people in it.

I know first hand what the power of prayer can do.

My parents started a prayer chain for me when I was lying in the hospital due to a double brain aneurysm.

That was 14 years ago. The truth is, I know I would not be here writing this today without all the prayers sent to Jesus, and given to the Lord.

Joni, USA



What we've tried to achieve at Join My Prayers, is an online environment where Christians can make contact with fellow Christians and where believers can actively help other people by beseeching God to grant their prayers.

So we've developed something akin to a Facebook environment, but totally focused on our Christian "niche".

At Join My Prayers you get...

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You totally control what information you want to display about yourself.

You can choose to display nothing or you can tell fellow members all about yourself. The choice is entirely yours.

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> Posting your prayers is a very simple process using a web form. You can edit them at any time if necessary.

Prayers that you no longer feel are relevant can be deleted if you choose.

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Your personal prayer selection is stored for you so you can quickly and easily access it.

By clicking the relevant checkmark each time you say a prayer, the person who posted the prayer will know that his or her prayer has been asked as the "Total" increases by one

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You can search the member list in many different ways. As you do so, you will discover fellow pilgrims with similar wishes to yours who you may want to invite as a prayer companion (a little like 'friends' in Facebook).

You can view your companions at any time and you can accept or reject invitations from other members to become your companion.

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Pictures have the capacity to stir the heart and we recognise that many people would love to share that inspiration with others.

We enable all members to display up to ten photos in their personal profile and, to ensure that the image sharing continues, archive older pictures into what we hope will eventually become the internet's largest spiritual image library.

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When you find another website doing God's work, don't let the opportunity pass by - copy the URL and paste it into your link library at 'Join My Prayers'.

Sharing links with others helps us all reach a better place.

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Candles as Christian symbols represent the light of God or the light of Jesus Christ. Candles are used in processions, at the altar and are lit as a sign of remembrance or to accompany prayer.

Members can light a candle of thanks or in remembrance or simply to begin or end the day by the sacred ritual of lighting a candle on this website.

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Marie is our resident counsellor. As well as being hugely experienced in counselling, she is a medical doctor with many years experience. Members can pose their questions (in total anonymity) and Marie will do her best to respond in her column.

Though Marie will answer questions expressing her opinion, we understand that other people may hold different views, so we encourage comments from other members of our Christian fellowship.

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Our expanding free music collection consists of MP3 Christian songs and music of worldwide origin. We are a legal music download site so there's no risk and no guilt involved. You can download any MP3 track by clicking the "DOWNLOAD NOW!" button on the selected music page

You can share your music experience with other members by rating the songs, adding comments and by picking your favorites.

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Join My Prayers is a non-denominational fellowship that upholds and abides by the fundamental values and beliefs of Christianity. To that end, we are committed to finding leaders who will create varied communities within Join My Prayer and we invite members to explore the different communities and experience the thoughts and ideas of other branches of our common faith and love of Christ

Hand-picked Community Leaders provide fellowship to those of similar spiritual leanings, and thought-provoking content for those who are interested. Members can comment on all posts, and are encouraged to do so.

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Typical example - not actual.


For added security, the member's area of 'Join My Prayers' has a fully-integrated messaging system so that members can talk to each other without revealing their true email addresses.

Inter-member contact (or contact with the site administrators) is by simple web forms and members are notified when there's a message waiting for them.

Fellowship Progress Bar to plot your Christian journey. It's not a race, but it's nice to see your progress
Private Messaging service to contact other members in full security. No need to ever reveal your email address to others
The Grapevine ... make announcements, broadcast good news or share your thoughts on any subject you want with the rest of our fellowship
Free photo repository. Put ANY of your personal photos securely online to share with whoever you want
Personal Consultations with our own Prayer Crusaders. Ask any question and get impartial advice by return.
Your own JoinMyPrayers.com email address. Let the world KNOW you are a committed Christian
Minute Meditations. Short, thought-provoking ideas to help you spend a little time each day in quiet reflection
The Holy Bible. A full online Holy Bible for your easy reference. No need to wonder where you can find that quote
A small selection of Christian Gifts. A regularly update selection to suit all the family on those special occasions.
To make you smile. Here we offer a few carefully selected jokes with a religious flavor. Nothing offensive and nothing to take too seriously!
Easy to find your way around. Our navigation menu is simple to use and grouped intuitively. Finding what you need is simple and straightforward.
Create a memoriam web page. Leave a permanent online memorial for your deceased friends or relatives. Just three easy steps.
Prayer Warriors. For members who feel they can promote JoinMyPrayers.com to other Christians, we offer the benefits of Prayer Warrior status.
Christian Gifting. Discover the joys and pleasures of Christian Gifting as discussed in The Bible. We'll show you how.
The 1-2-3-4 model. Read about our 1-2-3-4 model and follow our example to enrich the lives of others.

In fact, the member's area encompasses all that a prayer-oriented community needs to flourish - shared prayers, shared values and shared information. So make the decision right NOW to join us and devote more of your time to God's purpose.

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